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I can't tell you anything new,
which has not yet been said in the wedding photography.
Nor will I assure you how beautiful, long lasting and touching
is your love, because you know it best.

I can only show you my wedding photos,
that I've been doing since 2007, and I'm constantly enjoying it.

I can also take you on a journey of life,
which will leave you with unique photographs and memories.
You will find some of these trips below.

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Meet the couples I've traveled with half the world.
Maybe I'll go the second one with you?

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"When did you take all those wonderful pictures? You were so discreet we even forgot you were there!"

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"Not only we received beautiful wedding pictures, but we also got a new friend..."

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"Their work was beautiful, genuine, artfully observant, emotional. Everyone at our wedding has said they are the best wedding pix they've ever seen. We are honoured to have had these two lovely people be a part of our day, and we are so grateful for their talent and kindness."

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Wedding photographer Warsaw

I would definitely prefer to act rather than to dismantle in the first place who I am as a wedding photographer and what it means to me... Writing papers about wedding photography in turn is just as important and reasonable for me as street small talk about the weather. By the way, it is interesting that everyone does it anyway.

But if I really had to or my life depended on it... Wedding photography is just happening, which is often impossible to predict. It's not only, as many photographers ensure, romantic pictures in even more romantic scenery and in general - niagara of tears. For me it's often pure madness, spontaneity and wedding sessions in strange, seemingly not very emotional places, like the centre of Warsaw, a meadow with fluffy sheep, the middle of one of the Icelandic roads, or any other part of the world.

Besides, it has been assumed that this day will be impeccable and refined. And where is the room for impulsive cravings and joy in all this? Wedding photography - both sessions and reportages - is, in my opinion, also a space for your imperfect madness, unconventional choices and not always rational decisions.

A propo! A wedding photographer should find himself in all this spontaneity and react before his uncles' moustaches run up with the camera, whom I would like to greet warmly from here!

Wedding photos Warsaw

Often couples also ask me if I've already lost my roots for good and if I'll be able to get out of Warsaw for a few days. The question is completely unjustified! As a wedding photographer and privately, as a self-proclaimed citizen of the world, I can take wedding photos anywhere - there are no borders for me! Of course, everything in the good sense of these words!

So, if you want, I can take the best wedding photos for you in Warsaw, I can fly with you to Greenland, Gibraltar or Papua New Guinea - just give me time to get the vaccines! 馃槈 So far I have visited places like France, Italy, England, Iceland and the USA with couples. Personally, I think that the world is too beautiful for wedding photos to come only from Warsaw!

Where are we going this time?